What is a Board Portal?

A board portal is an integrated digital management platform that allows directors and company executives to collaborate, organize meetings and access resources. As secure repository for Board documents and facilitating easy collaboration, boards portals can save time by eliminating the need to peruse physical board packs or browse through long email threads. Furthermore, any changes made to documents can be posted instantly to ensure that information is up-to date.

In addition to their core capabilities, a lot of board portals also provide additional features, such as synchronisation of meeting agendas, document approval with electronic signature and online voting to simplify processes and reduce paperwork. To ensure the security of sensitive information, many portals use strict security standards like password complexity policies as well as multi-factor authentication and encrypted data storage to safeguard against cyber attacks.

Most boards’ portals are accessible from any device that can be connected to the internet including tablets and smartphones. This enables directors who travel be active in their boards by being able to read documents and participate in board discussions from wherever they are.

Like with all types of software, it’s essential to examine the quality of support provided by a provider of board portals. This includes the availability of user guides and training videos, and the ability of the support team to respond quickly to queries. Ask about the frequency with which the platform is updated to ensure it meets the needs of your company and adheres to best practices for governance.

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