The Best Antivirus For Businesses

The most effective antivirus for business can protect your business from malware and viruses. These robust packages are made specifically for business and include robust security features that protect against a range of cyber-attacks from ransomware to zero-day exploits. They can also minimize costly cybersecurity incidents, such as remediation costs, fines from regulatory authorities and lost business due reputational damage.

These enterprise-level products, in contrast to the typical home package which protects a single device, are designed to cover multiple devices under a single license. Most come with strong administrative controls that allow you to control the security of your entire team through a single source usually via an online portal. This is particularly important for teams working remotely, since the loss of sensitive data could be devastating.

Other crucial features for antivirus for businesses include antispam and spam detection, which will block malicious messages from reaching your employees in the first place. Additionally, look for solutions that can scan external drives and USB sticks to prevent malicious viruses from getting into your system via these channels.

If you’re looking to find a budget option, Bitdefender has a great business antivirus solution that offers superior performance both in-house and independent AV-TEST laboratory tests, while also providing an integrated control center that can safeguard up to 100 devices. Similar to Trend Micro’s worry free business security is a cost-effective solution that provides complete protection against all kinds of threats for up 25 devices.

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