The Benefits of a Board Portal

A board portal is a secure cloud-based tool for sharing and managing documents relevant to committee and board work. The tools support online communication and collaboration between members as well as facilitate online collaboration.

A wide variety of reasons are behind the use of board portal software with security concerns in mind. These include email attachments that can create real dangers, a need for better engagement from directors, an increase in workloads for governance specialists, and an effort to improve internal processes and mitigate risks. The most common starting point is an opinion from peers or industry insiders, a request by the secretary of the company or the chairperson of the board, an inquiry from an existing board member who utilizes software for managing boards in a different role.

Boards of directors that have chosen to use a portal to conduct their meetings report significant improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency. As the number of users continue to grow, more companies are looking to expand their use of the software. To reap the most benefits it is important to choose a reliable board of directors portal service that provides a dependable support service as well as an easy onboarding process. Start the selection process by communicating to key stakeholders the advantages of board management software. Identify and engage portal ambassadors, ideally members of the board, to help to launch and ensure the success of the implementation. This is particularly important for those organizations that have older systems that will continue to be used in conjunction with the new portal.

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