The Benefits of a Board Portal Solution

A board portal of the highest quality can have tangible effects on the governance process. These advantages range from increased efficiency to cut down on time spent in creating and distributing books for board meetings, to greater security that when is a board resolution necessary allows organizations to collaborate with confidence and security.

If you’re looking for a portal for boards, make sure it is accessible on devices that are already owned by the members. This eliminates the requirement to download additional software or applications. This makes it much easier for directors to use the system, as they don’t have to learn a new interface. Choose a solution with 24/7/365 support and a live person on the phone to answer any questions.

Find a solution that automatically syncs your files and allows you to work offline or even in airplane mode. This allows the system to be accessed from any device, even if the internet is down. This means that, regardless of where a meeting the board members will be able to complete their work and have it instantly appear on their desktops and laptop once they connect.

It is also crucial to consider options that can improve communication before, during and after meetings. A well-designed website should allow boards to prepare for meetings by consolidating all the necessary information in one location. It will also facilitate voting and collaboration in meetings, and allow for the easy setting of action items based upon notes made during meetings. In addition, the portal should be easy to navigate and provide the appropriate permissions to keep confidential information secure between meetings.

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