How to Find the Best Free VPN

If you’re looking to find a simple way to add extra astrill price security to your smartphone or tablet when using public Wi-Fi, then a free VPN is the ideal solution. These virtual private networks protect your connection to create a secure connection that prevents hackers from intercepting your personal information. They also prevent corporations or governments from monitoring your online activities. But with so many suspect services on the market choosing the most reliable free VPN can be difficult.

The truth is that a majority of VPNs for free impose excessive restrictions that render them ineffective for blocking content and ensuring your privacy. The ones that don’t offer these restrictions typically earn revenue by imposing intrusive advertisements or selling your personal data to third parties, which defeats the whole reason for using an VPN in the first place.

A reliable free VPN will secure your connection and provide servers across different locations to increase performance and speed. It should be compatible with a variety of devices and offer an intuitive interface. It should also come with plenty of data or, ideally, unlimited data.

CyberGhost is our choice for the best free VPN. It offers more than 9,100 servers in more than 90 countries. It is a simple app for both Android and iOS that takes just a few minutes to install and is easy to use. It also comes with an extensive range of high-tech features including an Internet Kill Switch, Adblocker and a GhostBear mode that makes your VPN traffic look like normal, so that you can avoid deep packet inspection in countries like China or Russia. If you’re not happy with the service, it includes a 45-day return guarantee.

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