Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) for Sophisticated Document Management

As businesses grow as they expand, their document management and handling requirements get more sophisticated. When sales documents turn into commercial plans and opportunities that have strict deadlines and specifications, they might require a document solution that operates more like a Quality Management System. It might include features like “phase gating” or the ability to create auditable technical files.

This is where the best EDMS can help. The right EDMS offers clear, organized digital areas for documents that span through the gamut of business processes from basic business forms (e.g. invoices receipts, contracts, and reports) to industry-specific, specialized documents such as proposals. This lets teams focus on the areas that matter to them, and managers to use automation features that simplify and improve workflows.

The right EDMS can permit users to track the changes to a document by allowing versioning and a record of what was changed and when. This assures that the most current version of a file is always accessible and help ease any confusion or misunderstanding that may have occurred between team members.

The best EDMS can allow teams to communicate in a structured way while keeping sensitive information safe. This includes tools for commenting, markup tools and other censorship features that allow only team members with appropriate permissions to access information that is pertinent to their role.


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