Board Meeting Recommendations

No matter if you’re holding an in-person meeting in your boardroom, or a remote board meeting from your sofa There are a few important techniques that can help your meetings go smoothly and efficiently.

Punctuality and preparation — Being punctual and making sure that board members have the documents they require before the meeting is the best way to get started. A well-written agenda, clear and concise distribution in advance can help keep the meeting focused.

Avoid wasting time with reports. Long reports can quickly drown out the board’s conversation. Review the reports of leadership and committees only when you require them to make decisions or oversee the board. The rest of the work can be done by email or in smaller meetings.

Limit the discussion of product features and roadmaps. The direction of a company shouldn’t be determined by what the CEO thinks the market wants. Be aware of the reasons why you’re taking specific steps whenever you must discuss product. This will help you stay on the right track and prevent the “Enron effect” in which the board is too detached and doesn’t notice any issues forming beneath the surface.

Keep candor breaks on the schedule. These short periods of silence allow board members to raise concerns they feel uncomfortable discussing before their peers. They are often needed to ensure that all opinions are heard and that everyone feels at ease expressing their opinions.

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